Sunday, 24 April 2011

A frog in the loo

I began today by working on the book which currently stands at 44000 words. 
I keep wondering how it’s going to end. I’ve had some strange conversations with Mum this past couple of months. If I wanted to read between the lines, I could draw all kinds of conclusions, but as I never know when she’s telling the truth…… 

This afternoon, I found a young frog out of my downstairs loo. How it got there, I have no idea! I can only think that Molly had something to do with it, although I don’t see how. I’m now firmly of the opinion that I’m too old to have a puppy. She tries to eat anything and everything she can find, I have to keep watch on her. If I take my eyes off her for a moment, I find her eating stones or lumps of wood. Once it got hot, and I had to leave the conservatory door open, I had to leave the computer and work outside instead. I did some reading, then bounced some ideas around before writing the first draft of a story, ready to get to work on when Molly goes home. She LOVES everybody. When my neighbour leaned over the hedge to see her, Molly practically climbed through the hedge to get to them. I had to distract her with toys and a bonio. So far, she hasn’t appeared to miss her owners one little bit. I wondered if she would cry or get upset during the night, but she was fine.
Now, I’ve had enough of working so I’m going to crash out in front of the TV, maybe watch The Walking Dead or a film.


  1. Linda
    Molly sounds like a handful! (but I'm sure she's lovely too). Is that a photo or video that you've posted of her on the post before this one? I can't open it (I can't open any of them). Maybe's it me - I'm not very PC literate but could you let me know if I'm supposed to be able to view something!?
    Thanks - and enjoy your evening. I have been doing some work writing articles for a university website this weekend. 7 hours down and I reckon I still have 2 hours to go to get it finished! Not much fun - and not very creative! But at least I'm getting paid for it. Best wishes Helen

  2. Hi, Helen
    The only photo I've posted is on the dog of the week page. It shows Heidi a spaniel who came for just one day.