Friday, 28 December 2012

I've had an offer for the house...

It was great to spend time with Helen this morning. We met on the Weetwood course in November. She coped with Louis very well and didn’t let him cadge even a crumb from her biscuits. John came back from his Christmas with Spice sans beard. It’s weird seeing him like that as the beard puts years on him (but as he looks younger than his years, that doesn’t matter too much).
I have had an offer for the house but it’s not quite high enough especially as I’ve only just lowered the price. I need to wait a while and see what happens once Christmas as over. That said, at least I’ve had an offer and if they can increase it a bit….
I can hardly wait for my new start. I want out of here so much. No that this is a bad house, far from it. It’s a lovely house on which I’ve spent an awful lot of money making various improvements, but it’s looking tired and a bit jaded (rather like me). As well as the large garden which has become more of a burden than a pleasure, it really needs a man about the place to do some of those little jobs that I can’t face doing (or would mess up if I tried). I’m very good at hanging wallpaper and painting but anything that involves proper tools, like drills, is different. I’m thinking that when I DO move, I might buy myself  a decent drill and an electric saw and have a go at making something, You never know, it might be fun.
Next year I plan to have a go at various new things to see if I can find some more things to do, that I enjoy.
Another couple are coming to see the house tomorrow at 1. I told the agent that I have a large dog staying with me and they said that was OK. I hope they don’t expect the house to be spotless as with Louis around that is  NOT going to happen.
I’m working part time at the moment, in other words, just doing a couple of hours of work each day. It’s tempting just to slump in front of the TV for hours on end and soak up more ideas for Christmas stories but unless I’m very lucky, I’ll only be able to sell three or four so there’s no point writing dozens.
A pupil sent me a book of her poems as  a gift, it arrived this morning. I’m thinking of making up a collection of my poems using the wonders of Lulu. I don’t write a lot of poetry but I think I have enough to put a collection together. That could be fun and it won’t take long to do.
Tonight I’m watching Prometheus on DVD with John. Why with John? I really don’t fancy watching it by myself in case it’s scary. Also if he’s here I can open that bottle of mulled wine I won on Christmas Day…

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  1. Ohhh fingers crossed on the house front Linda. Hopefully it will be a "Happy New Year" for you. Caroline x