Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday, 23rd December

Today has slipped through my fingers. I've looked at a friend's first chapter and a pupil's story, but other than that and a quick nip down the shops for some air, not a lot but then  it IS Christmas.
If I had a 'proper' job I'd probably be on hoiday for nearly two weeks. As I don't have a a proper job, I think I'll work tomorrow and Boxing Day (I'm at Good Nieghbours most of Christmas Day), then see how it goes.
Louis the wonderful labrador arrives on Thursday so I don't have to wait that long for a Christmas cuddle.
I'd like to wish everyone a happy Christmas.
Some of you may be dreading spending time with friends and family, but so long as you concentrate on the pluses, you'll be fine.  Most of the time, the thigns we argue and fall out over really aren't worth the bother.
It's the last part of Homeland tonight. I haven't enjoyed it as much as series one but at leats I can stare at Damien Lewis. That man can act.
I watched the latest Bourne film yesterday, hired the DVD from Blockbusters. It was action packed and the opening was great to look at, but in the end I was left feeling disappointed. Bring back Matt Dmon is all I have to say. 

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