Wednesday, 5 December 2012

two dos in one day

Yesterday was mostly a day off. I didn’t intend it to be, it just happened.
I had my first Christmas do at the U3A in Headingly. I don’t get to meetings they’re on the other side of the city, so it was a chance to actually meet some people, have a decent meal, and help my table win the quiz.
The quiz was one of those cryptic ones where you have to work out a clue. The answers to the first part were all TV shows. For example, where you might go to get crowned – answer – Coronation Street
The prize was a ginormous tin of chocolates which were shared out. I’m going to take my portion to crosswords tomorrow as I don’t eat chocolates. I gave up three years ago as my addiction was out of control. I get by now with choc ices, the odd cake, pudding  and biscuit.
I’d hoped from a call from the estate agent as the family who came for  a second viewing said my house was on a short list of two. I guess they’ve gone for the other one, but at least that shows there ARE people out there, so once Christmas is out of the way, I can make a bigger effort to find a buyer.
Last night, another Christmas do, this time at the WI which I’ve just joined. It was an odd evening. Nothing seemed to have been planned. There was tea and food, chat and carol singing. Quite nice in a strange kind of way.
A copy of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special arrived in the post. They send contributors a copy when they have a story published. It felt really good to be back in, what for me anyway, is the best and therefore hardest magazine  to sell to. If you sneak a look when you’re in the newsagents/Tescos, you’ll see where I got the idea from – those daft quizzes you often see in magazines.
I’ve had an email from the Chair of NAWG asking if I’ll teach at the festival again next September. I’m more than happy to even though Warwick is not the easiest place to get to when you don’t drive. I’ve asked if I can have the Friday free of teaching then it won’t matter if I’m a bit late getting there.

I’ll leave you with this question from the U3A quiz – the answer is a TV show. 
Sad companion of Paul.

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