Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Monday

Today has been spent mostly doing admin, which is not my favourite thing to do. I’ve been sorting the critiques from the NAGW competition and matching them up with their envelopes. The trouble is, quite a few of the envelopes people have supplied aren’t up the job so unless I write out new ones, the person will get charged excess postage.
I also made a major **** by somehow selling a story to two magazines, albeit with different endings. I emailed the second mag as soon as I realised what had happened then was on tenterhooks waiting to see what they said. Luckily they took it well. I have no idea how I managed to do such a stupid thing. It just goes to show that my head has been all over the place.
Today the family who viewed the house on Saturday came back with their children. It seems I’m on a short list of two, so I’ll know in a couple of days whether I have found a buyer. That would be such an amazing Christmas present.


  1. Oh good luck with the house, I'll have my fingers crossed for you!