Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas films that make me cry

I watched THE HELP last night on DVD and really enjoyed it. I found the whole thing beautifully pitched and understated which gave its message even more power. Recommended.
In order to make sure I’ll be able to write lots of Christmas stories next year I’ve been watching all kinds of festive films on TV. The result, loads of starting points for stories and far too many tears shed.
So many films have the same message, family is the most important thing of all. Result, me in tears. I watched part of a film yesterday based on a Christmas Carol where this nasty woman who ran a publishing company changed her spots and went from a future where she died alone and unloved to one surrounded by family. She’d been really nasty to everyone but in the end she found redemption and through that love. I spent my whole life being kind. I’ve never done anything to hrt anybody, at least not on purpose. I’m starting to think maybe that’s’ the problem, like the Blackadder version of the same story when he goes from being nice to nasty and gets rewarded, maybe I need to start being mean selfish and nasty. Or maybe I should advertise for a family to adopt me.
Moan over. Sometimes I just have to put my thoughts down on paper . It’s either that or let them overwhelm me. Things can change. Once I move, I can start over with a new set of neighbours. Maybe I can adopt one of them.
Work on the book is progressing well. The great thing about non fiction is that I can dip in and out of it when I fancy. It doesn’t matter how I’m feeling, or how long I have. Even ten minutes can be used up.
Had a rough night, thanks to the adorable Louis who had to get up for a wee at half past one. He’s so joyful, I can forgive him anything. We’ve been out for a walk in the drizzle, now I have an hour before Helen arrives. We met on the course I ran at Weetwood Hall in November and got on well so she’s coming round for coffee. I hope she likes big dogs

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  1. Hi Linda. Not sure if you realise that both Anne(from The Busy Teapot) and I (Wendy's Writing Now) nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award - details are on our respective blogs.