Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Something strange going on.

One day I can’t be bothered to do very much at all. It seems like too big an effort. The next day, I’m ready for action again.
I’m guessing it’s all part of the recovery process. They say it takes time to get over a death, but they don’t say how MUCH time. I do feel so much better, but every now and then, I get stuck. I think it’s my strange way of making myself take the time I need. Whatever it is, so long as I get the good days, I’m fine with it.
Last night, the shuffle with Spice, wasn’t good. The venue, Tiger Tiger in Leeds city centre was a young person’s venue, by which I mean the music was way too intrusive (i.e. deafening). OK so I’m over forty but it’s not that. When I’m eating, that’s’ what I like to be doing, that and enjoying whatever company there is. When you have to shout to make yourself heard, I just don’t like it.
Here comes a grumpy old woman bit. When I was young, places where you ate often had background music, but that’s all it was – background. When did it suddenly become OK serve food in what amounts to a disco? The food wasn’t much cop either.
Yesterday, I sent a couple of old (reworked) stories to The Weekly News and that was about it really. Today I’m getting on with the new book for writers. I could really use an agent right now so if anyone knows a good one, please put them in touch. At the moment my plan is to write two versions of the book – a shorter ebook which Byker Books will put out under the profession writer series (they’ve done a brilliant job with my other short guides which are selling well), and a longer version that I will have printed via Lula and sell direct. That way I can have it available when I need it.
Today is the last meeting of 2012 of East Leeds Writers, a small group who meet in Seacroft Library (3.15 prompt if you want to go). I’ve missed a few meetings recently so need to make the effort to get there.
Now back to work on the book. After I’ve checked my emails….


  1. Linda, I am totally WITH you re the intrusive music thing and it's been a hobby horse of mine for about the past 15 years. If I'm having a meal out with one special person or with a group, the point of it surely is to eat together and talk, and you can't do that in a relaxed fashion if you have to yell to make yourself heard above the soundtrack.

    Re your changes of mood and vitality - all of that is a perfectly normal part of the grieving process (which obviously has a different length for each person but often reaches its peak at the 2-year stage just when you think you should be 'getting over it').

    Darley Anderson is a good agent and is now starting to take on non-fiction as well as fiction.

  2. Any chance you can remove the word verification thing? It's so hard to read!

  3. ?? Anyone know what the word verification thing is and how I can sort it? It doesn't seem to show on my version of the blog. I'll see if I can work it out, but could use any help.

  4. I use the word verification feature on my blog to prevent spam. I know it's difficult to read sometimes, but there's a little round symbol that you can keep clicking on (to refresh) until words (and numbers) show up that you can read. I think I opted for this somewhere in my blog settings.