Thursday, 6 December 2012

Time to gather some ideas together and get writing

Last night I watched Pretty Woman for the nth time. It still made me cry. No idea what that says about me.
NAWG has notified the winners of the short story competition which is great as I’m seeing the man who came second on Saturday and would not have been able to keep the news quiet. I also know the lady who came second as I met her at Swanwick.

John has sold the car that’s been on my drive so I won’ be seeing so much of him. If the weather’s not terrible, he might be meeting another woman from (I’m still getting nowhere slowly). I’d love it if he could find someone.
I was working on the ghost story today, tweaking it so that it was OK to send to Ficiton Feast. That’s now gone off in the post.
IU went to crosswords and Jack, the leader, was there. So good to see him as he’s  been in and out of hospital so many times lately. I took the chocolates I won in the U3A quiz as I don’t eat them. I had to leave early as I had my six monthly dentist check up, I’ve had a morbid fear of dentists for many a long year and normally fret about going, something rotten. Yesterday, I gave myself a good talking to. Basically, the message was, why worry about it? That won’t change anything, all it will do is make me feel bad. So I didn’t worry, which meant I got some sleep, and managed to get some work done this morning. Luckily the dentist was happy and I haven’t got to go back (hooray).
I felt so relived, I celebrated by buying something nice to eat (lamb shank with cauliflower, sprouts, carrots and new potatoes followed by wheat free almond tart with vanilla ice cream).
Now, the plan is to get some story starting points for stories together. I want to write four new stories a month, a lot less than I used to, until I get back into the groove. I write better in the morning so I want to get up early, walk the dog, and get down to some writing. I don’t want to have to waste that time finding the ideas to work on.
I bought a copy of the People’s Friend today with one of my Christmas stories inside (I’d forgotten I’d sold it to them which was nice). It still feels odd to be in that magazine as it took me so long to make a sale to them.

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