Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why I'm annoyed

You know how some things annoy you? Well I’d had quite  a good day, finished my Writers Forum column, went back to work on the next book in the Treasury series, went to crossword class and so forth. It wasn’t raining either.
Then, just now, I went outside to bring in the washing and found the gate across the drive was open. My ex ‘rents’ the garage from me in return for cutting my grass and helping me to walk any large dogs that I board. The number of times that he has left the small gate unbolted are numerous, but this time it was one of the big gates, swinging loose. So I overreacted. Went into the garage and tipped a box of his things on to the floor. I’ve also left the padlock undone. He’ll think somebody’s been in there which may just teach him to shut gates in the future.  He also told me he plans to park a car on my drive while he makes it roadworthy. What’s annoying (I don’t use the drive as I don’t drive – how’s that for clunky writing)? The fact that he didn’t ask me before he bought the car but waited until afterwards.  I was sorely tempted to say no.
So why am I really angry? Because he has a date and I don’t. I’m actually delighted for him and really really want it to lead to something for him but it still doesn’t seem fair. He has so many bad points, which I won’t list here as he sometimes reads my blog  whilst I have so many good points (I think this learning to like myself is beginning to work), it’s just not fair.
There, rant over. Now to finish what I was doing then treat myself to an episode (or 2) of Dexter. 
BTW thanks for the feedback about the Bose Wave. I've asked them to send me a brochure. 

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