Sunday, 1 July 2012

Catching up

As readers of this blog will know, life has been proving difficult since Mum died, for all kinds of complicated reasons. As a result, I have been laying low for a while until I could see a way through all the complications. There is now a light shining at the end of the tunnel but until I can see it, touch it and feel it, I’d rather not say any more about it to avoid upsetting any gremlins.
I have been to the probate office to swear the oath and I’m now waiting for them to send me the grant of probate. Once that arrives, I can apply to have the house put into my name. Again, I will be doing it myself rather than bothering with a solicitor as, for some reason, I have rather lost faith in that profession.
I DO feel better though which is great and have started to look forward to Swanwick again. Once I have definite, good, news, I will post it for all to see.
I’ve started work on the next book which I hope will form part of a set, the first one being The Writer’s Treasury of Ideas. I’m about 25,000 words in so far. Again, more news when I have it.
The second NAWG Open competition is now open for entries, closing date 31st October. As I am judging the short stories, please don’t send anything that I have already read or commented on as I wouldn’t be able to judge the story fairly. This year, there is a poetry section too which will be judged by Alison Chisholm. To find out more, check the web site at

I’ve also updated my web site. See
Sorry for the short and impersonal nature of this post. Normal posts will be resumed soon (I hope). Right now, I’m enjoying having my joint favourite dog, Woody the dachshund, staying with me, together with his demented, thoroughly daft, best friend, Snoopy the black Labrador who has less brain power than a packet of peanuts. .

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