Saturday, 28 July 2012

Good to talk

I spent a very nice couple of hours this morning chatting to Marg over a cup of coffee. She's a member of Leeds Writers Circle and is very easy to talk to which is great. The time simply flew by. She refused all offers of cake and biscuits which means I’ll have to eat the cranberry tea loaf  myself. Terrible shame, I don’t think.
After lunch, I settled down to print out the manual for the camera that came free with my new music system. Hopefully I can get to grips with it in time for Swanwick as I need photos for the article I have planned.  
After what has felt like a busy, tiring couple of days, I’m going to take it a bit easier for the rest of today. Translated that means turning off the computer and going back to sorting through a large pile of papers, probably with the Olympics on in the background.

Time for a fanfare. 

I managed to finish the Yorkshire Post Cryptic crossword AND The Daily Telegraph crossword in under an hour. For me, that’s really good. 

Message to Rae - hope the mpve's gone well. Been thinking of you and sending good vibes. 


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