Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sunshine among tthe showers

It’s so nice to see a bit of sunshine amongst the showers. It’s still too wet to cut the grass – maybe tomorrow.
My mood feels a bit sunnier today too which is good. I went to Heydays this morning for play reading. We read two short plays, neither of which were very good, but at least it was distracting. I’ve often thought about offering them one of my plays, but never quite get round to it.
Afterwards, I met up with Tom from Arts and Minds. The plan is to run a couple of workshops, on fillers or coming up with ideas, one as part of a larger festival and the other as a one off, in September and October. He’s even offering payment which is great. The more I can get my name known locally the better.
Back home, I set to work revamping some Christmas stories. They are ones I wrote last year for Fiction Feast but which didn’t sell. By the time they rejected them I didn’t have time to send them anywhere else. I’ve rewritten two which I’ve sent off but a third is proving more troublesome. I want to try it on Womans Weekly so it needs an extra bit of something or other. If I leave it overnight, an idea might come to me.
Soon be time to get ready to go out again as tonight is a quiz at Spice. Unless I get put on the right table, I have zero chance of winning as it’s all about events of the last sixty years. History is definitely NOT my bag.
I brought back a doggy bag from the restaurant last night so I’m having that, plus a few extra bits, for tonight’s meal. Waste not, want not, and all that jazz.
Now all I need is for it to stay dry for a few hours……….

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