Monday, 23 July 2012

Summertime, again

Suddenly it’s hot. I wish the weather would give me time to acclimatise. I’ve never been much good in the heat. It wouldn’t be so bad if it got warmer gradually, but……
I’m booked on a walking tour tonight which will be fine, so long as the temperature’s gone down a bit by then. Right now, everything I do seems to be taking three time as long. I’ve prepared some exercises for the Swanwick course, now I need to copy some pages from various magazines for the market research bit but time is ticking away.
John is here, taking a car to pieces. His date appeared to go well in that he’s talking  about seeing her again. I was hoping he’d keep away for a few days but now he’s parked this car on my drive, that’s  not happened yet. I’ve told him I need at least Thursday and Friday without him coming round  so I hope he sticks to it. I want to get Swanwick sorted by the end of the week then I can concentrate on the next book.
Tomorrow I’m seeing the Relate lady again. On the way, I’m going to call into the Boss Wave showroom and have a look see.
Louis the Labrador who was coming to stay for 10 days in September has been cancelled (boo hoo) due to work commitments. Instead he’s coming for a few days at the end of August (hooray). Now I have my September back,  I just might be able to squeeze in an actuall proper holiday, depending on what happens, and when, in Exeter of course.

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