Tuesday, 3 July 2012

In need of an ear to bend

As I still feel bad, despite things going well, I’ve decided to get some more help. I have booked another session with the woman at Relate who helped me a year or so ago. Maybe with her assistance I can figure out where it is I want to go with my life. I've also decided to have a break from John for at least a week, after the dogs have gone back to see how it feels to cope alone. 
It’s such a boon having the dogs here. It makes such a difference as I know that laugh or cry, angry or sad, they will still want to spend time with me (even if I know it’s only because I have access to the dog food).
I'm hoping to get to Heydays tomorrow as I’ve missed a couple of weeks and it will soon be the end of term.
Highlight of today – strawberries from the garden and a lovely long cuddle with Woody while I watched some of the tennis.

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