Monday, 2 July 2012

I hate Barclays bank

A mixed day. It started well with a lovely message from Joan Dowling about my books, which is copied below.

Dear Linda

I have read three of your Kindle books and I am now enjoying Writers Treasury - really looking forward to more gems at your workshops in Nottingham at the end of August.

At last - writing books full of plain common sense - and humour. I will be passing on details to my creative writing class in Cheshire.

That gave me a real boost, then the post came and the grant of probate arrived.

What happened then is summed up in a letter I’ve just written to complain (it doesn’t mention that the train broke down and it took me an age to get home, nor that it was raining!).  Part of the letter follows to save me typing it again.  

‘I called into my local branch (Cross Gates) with the document. I was told they could not help me as the person who dealt with that kind of thing was sick. What’s more they could not say when she would be back. They advised me to go to another branch.

I therefore went to the Albion Street branch on the train. There, I had to wait for ages to see a personal banker but when I eventually got to see one, all she did was make copies of the grant of probate and the account closure form. Why on earth could they not do this at Cross Gates? The woman was also totally cold and unsympathetic.

I have had a wasted afternoon, spent money on trains and been treated with lack of consideration. I have had more kindness from strangers on the street.

Since my mother died I have had to deal with Nationwide, Halifax and Britannia. They have all been kind and helpful yet my own bank, who I have been with for decades, gives me the run around. Plus I’m still waiting for the money. Money which sat in Mum’s account for years without a single penny of interest ever being added’

I have no idea what they will do – nothing probably, but I had to say something.  Ot’s no wonder banks are unpopular right now.

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