Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another letter

Today I received another letter from Mum’s GP enclosing a copy of a letter written by Mum’s psychiatrist to her solicitor. In it she says an dI quote ’ it is my impression that Mrs Gaunt does not have the mental capacity to …revoke the current Power of Attorney. I suggest that her affairs are registered with the Court of Protection.’ 

I’ve always thought that was what should have been done, then if anybody had any reasons for not wanting me to have power of attorney they could have been raised. Most importantly of all, I would have had the chance to put my side of things rather than being completely sidelined.  

So now I have to decide what to do. I can carry on trying to get the solicitor to admit they acted in error, I can go after social services who did not apply to the Court of Protection or I can walk away.

At the moment, the man living in Mum’s house has agreed to move out. I can’t go into details as to why, and, providing he does as he promises, will never be able to do that. Once he leaves, I will be able to sell the house and buy one in Leeds that I can rent out. I will have some much needed security and won’t have to face any more upsetting emails and letters. The big question is this – is walking away the right thing to do?


  1. Only you can decide how you will feel in a few months time if you walk away now. Will you still feel disgruntled and regretful, or will you be able to really draw a line under it and move on?
    Nothing you do now can alter what happened in the past, so think about what it is you would want to achieve through pursuing it and then consider whether there is any possibility of achieving it.
    If you do decide to continue then you might find some help here

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  2. You've come this far Linda. It has been a difficult and heart wrenching time. Personally, I think you should see it right through to the end. Then you can put it all behind - done and dusted, finish the job. xx