Thursday, 26 July 2012

having a smashing day

I think my bio–rhythms may be off kilter. Today I managed to drop my breakfast and break the plate, burn a saucepan full of peas, then baked a tea loaf where the foil I used to line the loaf tin has managed to work its way into the cake.  
I had another go at a test email assignment for the Writers Bureau, so fingers crossed I haven’t messed that up completely too.
Now for a quick catch up. Yesterday’s visit to the University to take part in the research project went quite well I think. It’s the first time I’ve been to that campus. Afterwards, most of us when to the refectory for lunch. The food was good, with plenty of choice. I had roasted vegetables with extra potatoes. If they’re done right, I could eat roast potatoes until I burst. They were great.
When I got back home, there was a large blue plastic bag/envelope waiting for me with another batch of assignments to be marked. As I  only have 48 hours to turn them round, I set to work so that I could post them on my way to crossword class. By the time I’d finished it was late, I was so tired, I had to call it a day.
Woody and Snoopy’s owner called. They’re thinking of taking a holiday in October. They also wanted me to have them for one night in August too, but I’ve just taken a booking for Louis for then. I could offer to stay at their house and ask John to stay here with Louis….
Today, bright and early my Bose Wave music system arrived. It was a doddle to set up. Basically, just unpack it, and plug it in. The sound quality is really good. The first thing I played was Mozart’s Requiem followed by James Blunt’s Same Mistake. I have bought headphones too so I can play music loudly and not annoy the neighbours, but that will have to wait for another night. I have no idea why, but I’m feeling worn out again. All I’ve done today is download loads of stuff for the Writers Bureau, gone through my Spam folder, and worked on that test assignment.. Today being Thursday, I had crossword class to go to. I stayed behind for tea and a chat with Fella (she’s a lady, btw). She’d been talking about a possible trip to Liverpool but now she’s decided to go to Suffolk with her husband. As soon as she mentioned she was thinking of going somewhere with me, he came up with an alternative, which is obviously better for her. I’m glad in a way as I have no idea when I’m actually free as much depends on Devon (I’ve heard nothing as yet).
I thought that as John wasn’t coming round at all, I’d get more work done, but it hasn’t worked out. There’s always tomorrow. Right now, I fancy a nice cup of tea and another dose of Dexter. I only have 2 episodes to watch and that will be the end of series 6.

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