Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I’m doing a ‘lunchtime special’ at Heydays tomorrow to promote my book, The Treasury of Ideas.
I hadn’t given it much thought until this morning as I really didn’t feel up to it (still don’t really).  
I’ve put something together but I’m not sure how it will come across. As giving talks fills me with trepidation, I’m trying to follow the advice in Feel the fear and do it anyway. Basically the book says, that if people over prepare for something and it goes well, they will give credit to the preparation so that the next time they have to do the task, they will probably end up doing even more preparation. The book advises to cut down on worry and planning and basically just go for it. Then, if it goes well, you know it’s down to you. It’s quite a scary thing to do, but then that’s what it’s all about – feeling the fear but doing it anyway.
What I’ve done is write a few notes as prompts and simply take it from there.
After lunch, I headed to Good Neighbours where I’ve been trying to get a mind games group off the ground for a few months now. I inherited the group before it had even started and it’s never really got going. Today, nobody came so they’ve decided to cancel it. I’m, frankly, relieved as it gives me a bit more breathing space. Once I get sorted, I can think about something else to do.
As I was out, I decided to trawl the various pawnbrokers/gold buyers in the shopping centre to see if I could sell some of Mum’s jewellery. I thought about eBay but unless you’re sure what you’re selling that can lead to complications. There wasn’t anything of much value. In the end I accepted £100 for some of it, and decided to keep one of the rings. It’s silver which suits me better than gold. I’ve still got three silver and marcasite brooches left which will probably end up on eBay. Not much has happened on the probate side today. Liverpool Victoria sent my documents back and I had a form from Nationwide for after probate, but no word from the Exeter estate agents yet.
The gardening people came back and we’re sorted out what they’re going to do to tidy things up. I’ve ordered some stone faced liner for the pond which covers and protects the liner from the sun. Once it arrives, the gardeners will fit it and fix it in place. Once it’s actually finished, I can put some plants in. I’ve got dozens lined up waiting.
Tonight, I’ve booked a dinner shuffle with Spice and I’m actually going to go. I’ve cancelled so much lately, but tonight deserves a special effort. I just hope the rain stays off for a few hours.
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