Thursday, 10 May 2012

Steady progress

I made good progress yesterday. I’ve now written and sent all the letters to the various institutions, now I have to wait for them to reply. It’s odd how procedures vary. One insurance company was very helpful over the phone, the other, hardly said a word, but the biggest surprise came yesterday morning when I went into town to let one of Mum’s building society accounts know that she had died. After copying the will and the death certificate, and filling in a form, they closed both accounts and gave me the money, right there and then. Apparently, their rules have recently changed and so long as the amount is less than £30,000 and they have enough evidence that they’re paying the right person, they don’t have to wait for probate. Luckily my own bank was a hundred yards away so I could pay the cheques straight in. It’s such a help as I’ve been having to take money from my ISA which I hate having to do as it’s tax–free.
Today I’m taking a rest from probate and tackling a few jobs I’ve been putting off. I have more work to do on the book proposal, I also need to sort out why my novel isn’t on sale as an ebook and prepare an invoice for my favourite 2 dogs when they come back at the end of June. I’ve also started to put a few things that I found at Mum’s, up for sale on eBay. This afternoon, the plan is to go and see jack, my crossword guru, in hospital. If I can get most of those things done, it will give me a sense of achievement.
I’ve just made tea. The plan now is to go back to bed to try reading a novel for the first time since Mum died,

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