Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tired but not unhappy

For some reason, I feel worn out today.
I had a late night, and too much wine, at  a Spice dinner shuffle. It went much better than previous ones, mainly because I actually managed to talk to a few people (the red wine helped). I even met a really dishy man (how old fashioned does that make me sound!) but there were so many younger women there…….. Still, while there’s life there’s hope.
This morning, after going to play reading at Heydays (we did part of the Norman Conquests), I was down to run a lunch time special, talking about the new book. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, my mind is still too foggy to think straight, but people seemed to still get something from it.  
By the time I came home, all I felt like doing was curling up into a ball and going to sleep. It was VERY hard to resist that urge but resist it I must. I have to find a balance between being kind to myself and doing nothing. Doing nothing is bad. It’s a sure route back to depression and I do NOT want to go there again, so I’m about to move some furniture! Regular readers will know that I’ve done a lot of furniture moving lately as I’ve tried to make this house feel like mine. Today the plan is to move the TV so it’s the other end of the room (which means moving a book case, jammed with books), then  I can move the chairs and not have to block any of the light from the French doors.
When I got home, it was to some good news. A story sale to The People’s Friend. I’d been trying, on and off, for ten years to sell to them and never made it. This year, when I’m not writing anything new, they suddenly start to buy which is great. This is my 4th. If anyone reads TPF and notices one of my stories in print, do let me know as I wouldn’t want to miss my first appearance in the magazine.
I also had some really great feedback from somebody who bought my book. I’ve included it here with her permission.

Dear Linda,

Thanks so much for sending your fantastic book. I've read quite a few help for writing books but yours is written with such honesty and with the best ideas ever. It's already proving to be incredibly useful to me. It has also helped me over my hang-ups about writing anything which may have been taken from other stories/songs/films etc.

The help guidelines for competitions is superb too. Thanks so very much for putting your knowledge and expertise out there to help those who, like me, love writing but have been so uncertain in so many ways.

I would absolutely love to catch up with you at Swanwick. Will do my best to be there.

Many thanks for your help and congratulations on your fabulous book.

Kindest wishes,


Feedback like that gives me a warm glow. It’s better than a course of Prozac any day of the week.
Anyone’s who’s thinking of buying The Writer’s Treasury of Ideas can ask to see a free extract by emailing me at .


  1. Well done on your successes. Tried EL writers group today and Peter sends his regards. Did you receive my e-mail?

  2. Hi Linda. Can I just echo Hazel’s feed back on that really great little book “The Writers’ Treasury of Ideas”
    I have a library of writing books, but this one (which I uploaded to my Amazon Kindle) is just the business.
    It’s packed full with new and inspiring ideas. I’ve been concentrating on writing Pocket Novels lately, but your book has brought me back to short stories.
    Over the past week I’ve revived some old ones, sent out some new. I’m full of enthusiasm again. Thanks Linda. x

  3. Congratulations on the sale to PF, Linda. I get it every week and the Specials, too, so I'll let you know when yours is in. PF do email to let you know, but sometimes it's a few days after the mag's out.

    I agree with Hazel and Rena. "The Writers' Treasury of Ideas' is really great.