Monday, 7 May 2012

I'm back, sort of...

First a quick thank you to all the people who’ve been in touch, wondering if I’m OK.
The truth is, I’m not sure I am right now.
My head is full of fog and I don’t feel like doing much at all. Going down to Devon again really brought it home to me how alone in the world I am right now.
I’ve had to spend most of today sorting through papers, ready for the Co–op to quote for probate having had to sack the first solicitor.
Once tomorrow’s over, I’ll have a better idea where I stand (I’ve had a bill from Devon County Council for care home fees but need to check with them if it’s the final one).
In the end, I didn’t get very far with Mum’s partner. He denied hiding any money away so I’ve had to accept that, even though I’m not convinced it’s the truth. In the end, I’d rather stay on good terms with him.
My ex took me to Devon as he wanted to visit his family. He stayed with his daughter until Friday morning, then came to my hotel. From there we went to Mum’s house and we filled the car twice with clothes and other bits and pieces that went straight to the RSPCA charity shop. Then we filled the car again with things I wanted to bring home. I have no idea how many times  I went up and down the stairs, but it was a LOT.
I’m not in the mood to write much more right now but will try and fill in some of the gaps in a day or two.

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