Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Drama improvisation, lunch and a short listed poem

After a drama improvisation, working with young people, at Heydays this morning, I met up with another Linda who I met when she came to my book launch in April. We had lunch and a pleasant chat, but when she asked if I wanted to go on to Debenhams, I had to say no. It was just TOO hot. I really don’t do heat, particularly when just a  couple of days ago I was wearing gloves and a scarf. How are we meant to acclimatise??????
The drama this morning was good but I found that the young people lacked much by way of an imagination. They also didn’t listen to what they were being told to do. It was still interesting though.  The man in charge, Ollie, had so much energy, it was a pleasure to be able to work with him, even if only briefly.
I’m now home with the blinds drawn and my feet in a bowl of cold water. The conservatory is an oven and the garden not much better. My plan to make banana cake has been shelved – there’s not way I’m putting the oven on in this heat.
Almost forgot, I’ve had a poem short listed in a competition run by Leeds Council. It was on the theme of truce. I’ve been invited to the award ceremony so I might just go along, just because it’s something different and right now, anything different is good.

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