Tuesday, 29 May 2012

paperwork completed, time for a break

Having had the reduced bill from Devon County Council, I decided it was time to tackle the probate forms and get things moving.
I was full of trepidation as I thought the forms would be complicated  They weren’t. Apart from one tricky question regarding Mum’s pension which was easily answered by a quick phone call, it was a doddle. It rather begs the question, why do solicitors charge so much for straightforward cases. I’m so glad I decided to ‘do it myself’.The forms were a bit daunting (40 pages of notes for the Inheritance Tax one) and it was emotionally draining completing them, but it's been worth it so save so much money.
The forms completed, I now have to deliver them to the probate office (I’d rather not trust the post) then wait to be called for interview.  I have a new TV cabinet due to arrive tomorrow so I’m not sure when I’ll get there. It might have to be Friday unless John is free to come round, then I can go out and let him take delivery.  
I was so relieved to get the paperwork  done, I went on line to book a short break with National Holidays. Unfortunately the one I wanted was full (Scotland) so I’m off to Great Yarmouth instead. It’s by the sea, so that’s good enough for me. 
I sold some more books today, via the web site which is good, plus I've gained another pupil bringing me up to three. I'm behind with my other two pupils so I'm hoping this new lady will give me a shot in the arm and I can catch up. 
As it’s a bit cooler now, I think I might go and tackle the grass mowing, otherwise, I’ll just slump into the nearest chair. 
Overall, a rewarding, if hard day. 


  1. Linda - I'm so glad you've managed to get something moving and sold some books. You seem to be feeling a bit more positive now. Enjoy your break by the sea; you deserve it. x

  2. Make a sandcastle for me ... x