Thursday, 17 May 2012

Slow but steady

Inspired by yesterday’s sale to The People’s Friend, I spent some time this morning sending some more stories out – 2 to TPF and my once–a–month sub to My Weekly. The MW one needed lengthening to fit their word count requirements. I find adding words far harder than cutting them, but I didn’t have much choice.
After lunch, it was off to Barclays with a copy of Mum’s death certificate which they copied and sent to Head Office, or wherever it is that deals with closure of accounts. Once it gets there, they’re going to pay the funeral bill so that’s one debt out of the way. No word from anyone else yet so it’s back to playing the waiting game. After the bank, it was time to go to crossword class. We were on form today, completing four cryptics in just over an hour.
I came home just in time for the delivery of the pond edging I ordered a couple of days ago. The next job on my list was my Writers Forum column. I’ve written most of it, and hope to get it finished tomorrow.
Helen Yendall recently ran a flash fiction competition on her blog (  the prize being a copy of my book THE WRITER’S TREASURY OF IDEAS. Her blog is brilliant and is well worth a look. She’s put all the short listed entries on there. I have to say I completely agree with her choice of winner and was more than happy to send them their prize.
Right now, I’m feeling absolutely shattered again even though I’ve done not very much at all. I’ve decided to try and stop worrying about my lack of energy, and give myself until my birthday to get over Mum’s death. Hopefully I will have done most of the probate work by then too.
I’ve also decided, well almost, to take two or three days off and grab a cheap break. It’s just a question of what comes up and when as I don’t much care where I go, so long as I can escape for a while.
Tonight, I made myself a rice pudding. I know you can buy them in tins, but they really don’t taste half as good as home made.
Now all I have to do is prevent myself from eating the whole lot.

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  1. Hi Linda, a mini break might be just what you need to set you up.

    I've just recommended The Writer's Treasury of Ideas over on my blog. Hope it gets to be a best seller.