Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Under the weather

I should have spent the day at the facilitator’s course in the centre of Leeds, only I didn’t.
Last night, by the time I left the pub after the poetry judging at Leeds Writers Circle, I was finding it hard to put one foot in front of the other (and no, it wasn’t because I’d been drinking). I felt so weary. Then I ate something that I shouldn’t have and ended up with stomach pains too. This morning, I felt so rough, I couldn’t face going out so I sent an email and my apologies instead. I should be able to catch up next week.
Of course, I didn’t spend the day in bed. That would be rather difficult with the builders still here. I ended up painting some more walls in the living room, typing up the notes from the poetry judging and trying to write something new. That last part definitely did NOT work. Having people here is just too distracting. The good news is that I’ve sold another two stories to The People’s Friend. The not so good news is that I’ve been reworking old stories to send to them and I don’t have an inexhaustible stock. One day, soon, I’ll need to get back to churning out new stories on a regular basis, the big question is when?
I have a very short break in Scarborough later this week. I’m hoping that the sea air will have the same effect on me as it did last time when I came home with a batch of good stories. At the moment I’m reading Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write hoping it will help me to get back to writing for fun. It’s well worth a look if you haven’t read it yet.

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