Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I need a holiday!! Now!

I’m finding  this very hard. It’s not so much all the things that need doing with the house, it’s all the disruption, the decisions that need to be made plus the  mess.
Right now I’d love to be able to take a refreshing break in the garden, maybe with an ice cream, but there’s no place to go that’s not full of rubbish, workmen, or ladders. Of course the sun’s shining too.
I spent much of the morning writing up minutes. It’s funny how much more difficult that is when you’re not used to Windows 7 and you’re trying to stuck to the format used by the previous secretary (!). My tabs and  line breaks wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do. Most annoying. Then I had to give some feedback on some stories as I have had to withdraw from this Saturdays short story group meeting due to pressure of time. If nothing else, I have to keep on top of my Writers Bureau commitments.
There’s no point even thinking about sitting down and writing something new as I know it wouldn’t come out right. What I need to find is some patience. Some devil may care attitude. It WILL all get done eventually. Luckily I had already booked a couple of days away in Scarborough. Hopefully that will recharge my batteries enough so that I can keep chugging along until the major earthworks are over.   

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