Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Best laid plans and all that

The flat I’m buying as an investment completed today. I collected the keys and went round there but then couldn’t figure out how to turn the water on. Long story short, the one I did turn on was for the outside tap. The pipe leading down to it has a leak so guess who got drenched? I couldn’t turn the other stopcock on so there’s no water in the flat.
Luckily I had somebody I could call and he’s going to meet me there early tomorrow morning. While he’s there, I’ll  ask him to quote to repair the roof, replace the fascias and gutters and mend the garage (which needs a new roof ).
I’ve also arranged for an electrician to call too as I want the flat checked over and would also probably want a consumer unit fitted. Talking of electrics, I hadn’t realised the electric is paid for with some kind of key and there’s a card for the gas meter.  I phoned Npower  when I got home but they said I had to call from the flat and they would talk me through what I needed to do. It’s all very complicated.  
Sadly, my plan for a day of celebration didn’t work out as expected but the flat is still big and light and airy with a better bathroom than the one I have here so I’m sure it will be all right once everything’s fixed.
I tend to go into a state of collapse and catastrophise (is that even  a word? If it is, is that how it’s spelt? No idea) when things go wrong, however minor they turn out to be in the end.  I get to the point when I want to curl up into a ball and cry. I was feeling like that just now when a friend called for a chat, then another lady phoned to ask me if I was available to speak to her group next year.  I couldn’t be upset and miserable talking to either of them so that helped to lift my mood. 
This morning as I waited for the phone call to say the flat was mine, I managed to take some time to draft another story. It’s true what they say, if you want to write you will find a way, whatever’s going on in your life. All I need now is to find the time to type it up and start the editing process.
I’d been thinking about a meal out tonight but I’m not in the mood so it will be some kind of curry thing from the store cupboard followed by some alcohol and a large dose of ice cream.

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  1. The thoughts for your evening sounds like a plan!