Sunday, 21 April 2013

Glad to be home for a rest!

I went to Scarborough on Thursday, just for a couple of nights.  It was meant to be a bit of a break, a chance to catch up with some friends and get some rest and relaxation. It didn’t quite work out as planned…
On Thursday, I arrived in Scarborough just before noon. As I couldn’t book into the hotel until 2, I decided to take a taxi to the hotel, drop off my case, then get some lunch, head back to the hotel for 2ish, unpack, then catch another cab to Valerie’s.
Instead the hotel let me into my room straightaway which meant I had a cup of tea, unpacked, then headed out. There being no reason to return to the hotel, and not being due to get to Valerie until after three, I ended up walking instead. It all right to start with. I headed towards the sea, enjoying the lift the water always gives me, and headed to a café I’d been to before, half way down the cliffs where I had lunch. Then I decided to wander along the seafront, browsing the shops  (and having at least one ice cream) and maybe walk to Valerie’s instead of getting a cab. Great idea, only I’m not that fit, plus the wind was against me most of the time and so strong, it lifted my off my feet more than once.
By the time I arrived at Valerie’s house (which is at the top of a long long hill), I was exhausted. Luckily, I’d stopped on the way to buy a bottle of wine!
We had a takeaway Indian meal which wasn’t very good but who cares when you’re hungry. Valerie’s been rather down lately and I ended up practising my counselling and listening skills rather more than anticipated.
I took a cab back to the hotel, just after seven. As I fancied something sweet after the curry, I headed for Sainsbury’s local (another lengthy walk) and by the time I got back to the hotel, I was so weary, all I had strength for was to crash out.
I stayed at the Earlsmere Hotel, Belvedere Road. If you’re looking for a small, perfectly formed place to stay, where the hosts are kind, the  breakfast is good, and the furnishings and décor are out of this world, then you might do well to consider staying there. I just wish I had half their good taste.
I probably wouldn’t stay there again as I prefer somewhere bigger so that there are people around, but for a quiet, intimate break, it would be just the job,
On Friday, I spent an hour and a half writing then rang my other friend as arrange4d at 11. I won’t say her name as it was her birthday and she might not want the world to know how old she is.  I expected her to say come round later, say about three, but she said come round now so I did.  Like Valerie, she’s also doing a creative writing degree so we spent time talking about that.  She wanted me to give some written feedback as she needed it for part of the course. After a light lunch, we carried on talking until it was time to go and eat (another longish walk). She’d booked a table at a fish restaurant where I had my favourite skate wings with capers (sadly badly overcooked to the extent it was burnt round the edges), followed by a delightfully simple dessert of hot cherries, amaretto and Cornish vanilla ice cream. Then we walked to the Stephen Joseph theatre to see Silly Songs of Shakespeare. I hadn’t a clue what to expect; in the end it turned out to be four very talented young people (one man and three ladies) who performed various songs with Shakespeare as the theme. Some songs were very silly, others more serious. They had such a lot of talent, and so much energy, I have to say I enjoyed it, so if you like something different and silly, why not see the show if it comes to a theatre near you?
Annoyingly my sensitive digestive system decided it wasn’t happy which meant our planned hour, propping up the bar, didn’t happen and I went back to the hotel via her flat (she didn’t want to get a taxi even when I said I’d pay) so that was another walk.
On Saturday morning I woke to find the wind had dropped and the sky was blue. On another occasion, I might have stayed until after lunch, but in the end I was so bushed, all I wanted to do was head home.
Then my train was cancelled and because of that, the next one was full to overflowing. I really was delighted when I finally got home so that I could have a rest.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better, Linda. What an exhausting trip! I've enjoyed reading about your friends and what happened. You did a lot in 2 days. The sea, hotel and theatre sound wonderful. It's an interesting post, thank you.