Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Trying to get into the mood for a break

I am getting ready for my mini break to Scarborough where I’ll be catching up with two good friends (who sadly aren’t friends with each other at the moment which is VERY VERY annoying!).
I wish I felt more in the mood. It’s grey cold and miserable outside and that’s pretty much how I feel on the inside too.  I’m waiting for the builders to arrive. They were meant to finish this part of the work yesterday but what with the high winds and a gate that was both poorly made and the wrong size (the supplier’s fault mainly, not theirs),  they have to come back.
They’re very nice people but … Right now I want them to go and leave me alone, let me get on with my new life, but once this part of the work’s done, there’s still a lot more to be done. What I want  is to be able to get away to the coast without having to think about gutters, gates, and doors and windows and kitchens and electrics……
I’m not going to touch the internet while I’m away, so have a good weekend all of you, and au revoir until next week.

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