Thursday, 25 April 2013

Running round after Npower (fume fume)

It’s been another one of those days.
I seemed to spend most of it trying to sort out the gas and electricity supply to the flat (hours on the phone, numerous trips to Paypoint outlets) as the previous occupants were on prepayment meters.Npower want £60 if I want to go to Direct Debit which seems a bit heavy to me.
My builder also had a look round the flat. I’d called him urgently as I couldn’t figure out the waterworks there. Some work needs to be done – fixing the split pipe that gave me a shower yesterday, putting in new valves and replacing a tap, but nothing terrible. 
At the same time, the electrician came to quote for a consumer unit and for doing a general check on the wiring. He had several hours free so ended up doing the work today so that was great – one thing out of the way.
I also gave some thought to paints as the whole flat needs a face lift. I decided to order a new carpet for the second bedroom as the one in there is in a bad way. I’ve gone slightly o.t.t. with a lovely bright blue one so at least that room will be cheerful. Any thoughts on colours for the walls gratefully received. That’s being fitted on Monday so with any luck, I can get some painting done over the weekend before it arrives.
I had to miss my crossword class. I hate having to do that as it’s such a great group and we always have a good time, but I wanted to make sure the flat had power.
It’s funny but I find days like this more tiring than ones when I walk miles or wallpaper a whole room. It’s the frustration that gets to me, like having to call Npower several times……..
Now I’ve managed to top up the gas (the previous incumbents left me none whatsoever) I was able to check the oven works . It seems to be fine apart from needing to be lit by a match so next week I might ask the gas safety man to call, then it will be time to think about the tenant’s moving in date.
Tomorrow, I’ll be spending the morning catching up with Writers Bureau work. After that I have to go the eye clinic where they will give me drops that mean I won’t be able to see clearly for hours so no work tomorrow afternoon/evening.
I remember a time,  not so long ago, I used to be a writer.

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