Friday, 17 May 2013

Why bother quoting?

I found the poetry on Wednesday evening difficult. As a beginner, I don’t have much idea, not even about the basics (layout and so on) so it was daunting to hear other people’s feedback. Overall it was a positive experience but I still have no real idea whether my work is really poor, brilliant, or somewhere in between. I guess there’s only one way to find out – write more poems and send them out there.
I struggled with the homework that was set. It was to write a prose/poem piece, inspired by  a poet whose work has the feel of rap music to it, about an issue that meant something to us. As most of the things that get my blood boiling aren’t what you would call ‘light’, I found it very difficult and, in my current down in the dumps mood, very depressing. So I got rid of it. Rattled something off this morning and sent it round. That way it’s done ( a week early) and I don’t’ have to think about it again until the next session.  I’m hoping I’ll be feeling brighter by then as I’m doing a weekend Neuro Linguistic Programming course this weekend.  I signed up as I’ve had this kind of therapy in the past and found it useful so thought it might be an idea to find out more about it (it was also offered at a HUGE discount).
As I’ve mentioned b3fore, I’ve been looking for builders to quote for a new roof for the garage at the flat. So far I’ve been quoted £2,000, £25,000 (twice) and, wait for it - £6,800.  I just don’t understand the difference. If they didn’t want the job,  all they had to do was say so. 

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