Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lots going on

An  awful lot has happened today – electrics fixed, builder putting in patio door, new desk arrived (then dismantled, taken upstairs, put back together while smaller desk moved to spare room (which involved upending a bed and all kinds of other nonsense)). Oh, I forgot, more painting of walls, crossword class, giving a tour of the flat to my friend, Sandra, putting up curtains, buying a door mat and a new curtain pole.
I’m sure there are other things I’ve missed, but of one thing I’m certain, apart from marking some assignments for the Writers Bureau, this blog is all I’ve written.
Last night, I attended part one of a five part poetry course. It was both great and scary at the same time. For homework I have to write a love poem, you’ll never guess who to – ME! Now that’s what I call a challenge.
PS I have a story in the new Fiction Feast. Unusually for me, it features a ghost.

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  1. Glad the house/flat move is shaping up, Linda! I've been away on holiday and just got back into my "blogs". You seem to have achieved so much. Congrats on the short story in TABFF - I love a ghost story! Caroline x