Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Still doing too much

I am so tired right now. I'm simply not used to so much physically challenging work. I try to take it a bit easier, but somehow I still find myself lugging home VERY heavy aquatic compost, planting bargain buys like a Nellie Moser clematis, digging up dandelions at the flat. I had to go the flat yesterday because the gas safety man was coming round so while I waited for him to arrive, I couldn't just sit there...
My list of things to do is far too long. it's my own fault for wanting to get so much done so quickly but it felt important to me to at least make an effort.  Now my body is shouting stop and I have to listen to it, so the good news is that I will have to go back to real work. First task this morning, find a story to sub to My Weekly for the next Annual then sort out my diary and see if I can find room for some fun.

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