Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The sorry saga of builder number two

Some people just get on your nerves. It’s not their fault. It just happens.
 That’s how I feel about builder number two. He came back yesterday to fix the gap that had appeared in my new gutters. Every five minutes (or that’s what it felt like0, he was calling, asking me some unnecessary question, or showing me what he’d done. I lost count of the number of times I ran up and down the stairs, so much so that I began to regret having my office in a bedroom. Anyway, at last he’d gone.
Last night I went to a market research session being held on behalf of the Open University (I graduated in 1996 – BSc Biology Psychology). They were looking for ways to make their advertising more effective so that people leave money to them in their wills etc. When I got home, it was raining. Before I stepped through the gate I could hear an ominous  thud thud thud. My gutters were leaking – in a different place. So I’ve had to call him again which means at some stage I will have to put up with him winding me up.
He talks way too loud which, as my hearing is excellent, gives me a headache. He also talks down to me, explaining things more than once, in too much detail. I’m quick on the update, so unless it’s something I can’t get my head round (nuclear physics, applied calculus, how to make a soufflé etc  (it’s a long list)) I don’t need telling over and over.  If I never have to see him again it will be too soon.
The problem is, he’s the man who’s going to fit my new front door……

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