Friday, 10 May 2013

Two steps forward

A few more steps along the way – new shower fitted at flat and the (leaking) plumbing sorted out.
A step backward - a gap has appeared in my brand new guttering.
That’s pretty much the way things are going at the moment – two steps forward, one step back – but at least progress IS being made (at least I hope so).
I haven’t been in the mood to write these past few days. Truth be told, I haven’t been in the mood, full stop hence the lack of tweets and blog postings. 
I'm still in decorating mode, having finished the living room yesterday I'm now trying to decide what colour to paint the wall of the conservatory plus trying to work out when best to paint my bedroom. If I overdo it (again), I won't be able to cope with next week's plans. 
Monday morning, I’m going to IKEA for a browse, then in the evening it’s Leeds Writers (if you’re local, why not give the group a try? See web site for details
Tuesday -  not sure what’s going on. I’ve probably forgotten something vital. Wednesday is the next part of the poetry course. Thursday brings another workman to sort out/trim/replant my hedge.
I’m also hoping to hear when the new front door will be fitted. I’m getting bruises on my shoulder from having to barge it open whenever somebody calls. Next weekend I’m off to an NLP course. I’m, not sure how much, if any, of these will be fun but you never know.

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