Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Getting ready for more NLP

Pip, the terrier who’s staying with me for a few days, has just growled at me. I gave her a treat and she’s taken it to her bed and is guarding it ferociously. Funny how even a small dog can be intimidating when it sounds like it means business. I’ve left her to eat it in peace and retreated upstairs to get everything ready for tomorrow.
I’m going back to see the NLP man for a second session.  He asked me to make sure I looked different and to have bought a mirror. I completed both tasks and am now the proud owner of one of those little mirrors women carry in their bags (except me, never had one before). I’ve also dyed my hair. I didn’t have time to get to the hairdresser as my lady only works two days a week, so I was forced to go it alone. I am now a fetching shade of auburn (at least I think it’s fetching – better than washed out blonde with grey highlights anyway.) I also bought my first ever hat (apart from the odd sun hat, I simply don't do hats). Hopefully that will be enough of a difference for even a man to notice.  
I watched a great programme about David Bowie last night. I was a big fan in the 70s. As I watched his various changes of image and styles of music, I  realised that if he could change himself so completely, then so can I.
After seeing the NLP man,  I’ll have time to get something to eat before heading off to the next part of the poetry course. I’m not sure about that at the moment as I’m finding giving feedback hard as I really don’t know what to say. I’m also a bit annoyed that several people didn’t stick to the word limit. I hope this time we spend more time on learning things and/or actually writing, rather than feeding back on each other’s homework.
I’m currently rereading Julia Cameron’s The Right To Write. I’m going through it, highlighting in blue all the bits that speak to me (there are loads). This to me was a big step. I was brought up to respect books and as a child, would never even mark one with a pencil so taking a  highlighter to a book feels really naughty. I’m hoping that means it’s good for me.  Today’s task, taken from the book, was two write down 25 wishes. Anything from the mundane to I wish I could lose a few more pounds to more abstract like I wish I was in love. The idea is to look at the list in a month’s time and see if any have come true, then write a new list.  It’s definitely worth a try.

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