Sunday, 5 May 2013

I keep forgetting my age.

Yesterday, I worked too hard and for too long. Result pain. It’s very frustrating, getting older. It’s so easy to wear myself out which is what I managed yesterday.
Today, I have to take it easier so no bending down painting walls, or digging up plants  (from the flat) and replanting  them  here.
The other day, a man came round and took away some of my fish so that it’s nicely understocked. He also dismantled the electrics and removed the pump and filter so that I have a natural pond which is what  I prefer. This morning I ordered some marginal and oxygenating plants for it as right now it has NONE At all. I’m now wondering what to do with the wishing well that housed the pump and filter. I’m thinking about either planting a tree, or turning it into a more ornamental water feature complete with a lily.
I spent this morning on Writers Bureau  work so that I’m up to date. Now for some lunch and to think about wishing wells.

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