Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Trying to put me off

A number of people have been trying to put me off the house I want to buy round the corner. There are no perfect properties, but as soon as somebody starts to say negative things, the doubts start to creep in. I’ve been told that youths drink and throw bottles about behind the off license which is on the main road and the car park for which the house backs on to. As I’ll be on my own, I obviously don’t want any trouble, but is this a real problem or not? I’ve also been told about smells from a takeaway. If either problem is bad, the vendors are hardly likely to tell me.
What do I do now? Go and hang about behind the off–license and see for myself?  I guess I’ll have to. What larks!
I went to the singing group again today, despite the driving rain. There are only 2 more practises before we’re meant to perform, so goodness how that’s going to  work. Fingers crossed I suppose


  1. By all means lurk behind the offy, Linda. Just make sure you've got a can of hairspray or perfume in your pocket (works like mace when squirted into a would-be assailant's eyes but is legal, unlike mace). Only kidding! Yes, it is best to see a prospective home in all weathers and at all times of the day. Let us know what adventures you have!

    Good luck with the singing!

  2. I would agree with Jacula, its best to lurk. I actually did do this when buying th current house. I went at all different times of the day and evening to make sure there wasn't a problem.

    Especially with the dark nights approaching, you don't really want any issues.

    You need to be sure in your own mind before you commit.
    Good luck, think positive thoughts.