Thursday, 27 September 2012

Am I still grieving?

I met somebody when I was out at crossword class. She asked me how I was doing. When I told her that despite everything going well, I felt more miserable than I had in ages. She said it sounded as though the grieving process had caught up with me.
I wonder if she’s right. In a way, I hope she is because that means, given time, I’ll start to feel better.
Joanna from the Writers Circle sent me an email saying she’s hoping to get to the next meeting (Monday, 1st October) so I’m going to try and make the effort  to get there too. I  think I’ve only been once this entire year so far. It will be good to catch up plus it will get me out of the house and stop me playing computer games for hours and hours on end. 

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  1. I was given some very good advice which has stayed with me.

    Grief, so they say is like a wheel, we all go through the same process in our response to loss. Anger, hate, sadness, why me? etc and learning to live without what was there before whether it was good or bad, it is difficult.

    Some of us get stuck on one part of the wheel, for longer, we just need a little more time to come to terms with what has happened, or a nudge forwards.

    I think you are doing very well, you keep nudging forward. I read here about your days out, DIY adventures, Tuesday singing group, and your plans for the future. I am proud of you.

    We did meet very briefly at Swanwick, and it was a pleasure. Do try and be kind to yourself.

    Go out and eat cake! Celebrate how far you have come so far on the wheel...