Sunday, 23 September 2012

Kitchen finished!

I’ve just finished wallpapering the kitchen, a job I started a year ago. It looks so much better now it’s done, so much brighter. It’s a shame it’s taken planning to move to get me motivated!
I actually enjoy hanging paper (not so keen on the stripping and preparation though). It’s a wonderful way to transform a room  and doesn’t take that long to do either.
The house is starting to look better. I’m keen to find out what the estate agent has to say on Tuesday. I’ve asked the Exeter agent to call the man buying Mum’s house to see if he’s had the go ahead for the loan he wanted.
Thanks for the message, Jacula. Eminently sensible and insightful as always. Fingers crossed the calm seas stay and that I start to not only cope with, but also enjoy them.

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