Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day in Scarborough

I had a lovely day with Val in Scarborough yesterday. She has so much talent, it’s a shame to see her not using it. She can paint, sculpt, all kinds of things.
I had such a good time, and there was such a lot to see (lots of charity shops too)  I decided to book a weekend there with National Holidays in October. The wind off the sea was a bit sharp though, but the rain stayed away which was all anyone can really ask for at this time of year. I challenged Val to enter the themed competitions in Writers News as they’re free. The plan is I write a story and send it to her for feedback and she does the same. I’m hoping that will be the prod I need to get me started on stories again. It’s worth a try.
Today I’ve been sprucing up the house a bit ready for Tuesday when the estate agent comes to give me a valuation. Before then I need to finish wallpapering the kitchen. It’s all stripped, filled and ready, all I need is a large dose of enthusiasm and energy.
I still don’t feel right in my head. I don’t think it’s depression, I just feel a bit flat and don’t want to do anything, not even watch TV or listen to music. It’s so great that things are going well, I guess it takes some getting used to.

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  1. You've probably got so used to worry and drama, almost on a daily basis, that your adrenalin doesn't know what to do with itself now. Also, part of you is probably hiding in a corner waiting for the next bad thing to happen. It's perfectly normal after all you've been through.

    Activity will bring good hormones to the fore and channel the adrenalin into enthusiasm and energy, so doing the decorating and exchanging stories and ideas with your friend is a good way forward, Linda. xx