Saturday, 15 September 2012

A lot going on

Apologies for neglecting the blog. I’ve had a lot going on!
Top of the list, subject to contract, I’ve sold the house in Exeter and hope to have the sale completed before the end of October. I’ve also bought a house, again subject to contract, just round the corner from where I am now. The garden is much much smaller  which I need at the moment, and it has the right layout – kitchen big enough to eat in, doors between living and dining room so that I can open up the space (or not), and a lovely airy main bedroom which will be my office/music/art/chill room. My offer was accepted on Friday which just happened to be the 15th anniversary of Gareth’s death. I found that strangely comforting.
I’ve been busy in the garden today. BEFORE I knew I was moving, I bought, literally, hundreds of bulbs – narcissi, tulips, iris etc. They need planting but obviously I’d like to take them with me, so, I’ve been replanting all my pots and putting the bulbs into those./ It’s taken me hours. Now I have to go round the garden, digging up just a few plants to take with me. I’m particularly fond of hebes, grasses and hostas so want to take a few of those, and the odd lavender bush if possible.
The result of all this frenetic activity is that I’m way behind with everything else. Of course there’s more to do. The kitchen that I started decorating before Mum died needs finishing, the whole garden needs a major tidy,  so does the house in general, then I can put it up for sale. The idea is to sell Exeter asap and follow that more or less immediately with buying the house. Then I’d like a month’s gap before the sale of this house goes through so I can move slowly. Anyway, that’s the plan.
Now to think about food followed by the return of Strictly. Yes, I’m an addict and proud of it too.

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