Monday, 24 September 2012

Busy doing nothing

I have done nothing today apart from tidy the house a bit. 
Otherwise, it’s just been computer games over and over. I ALMOST reached the point earlier when I wanted to throw the machine in the bin so with any luck, this energy sapping period is on its way out.
Tomorrow morning, I’m having the house valued and maybe put on the market. I’m also viewing a bungalow just to see what they’re like inside. It’s on an estate that seems to tick a lot of boxes so I might as well be nosey.
Right now, I could really use a tame builder to go and look at the house I’m hoping to buy. Having a proper survey done is very expensive and in the past I’ve always found them unsatisfactory. Any possible problems and they’ve always said, have further investigations made. If anyone in the Leeds area knows anyone who would be able to go to the house and check out the structural side – roof, loft space, electrics, walls, etc, do, please get in touch.
All I want to know is if there’s anything major I should know about. I'm obviously willing to pay. 

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