Monday, 3 June 2013

A few hours WITHOUT a dog

Pip the terrier has just gone home so I’m alone again. She’s been no trouble. Not a cuddly dog though, but you can’t have everything. Louis the Labrador arrives tomorrow morning. Although he’s my favourite, I’m not looking forward to it. I’m still having problems with my leg.  I rest it for a couple of days and it seems to get better, then when I try to do something, it plays up.  Whenever Louis comes to stay, I end up with bruises as he’s such a big heavy lump and he does love to play. I hope I can’t keep my leg out of his way (fat chance). He’s only here until Sunday though so I should be OK and John will walk him for me, for a small fee.
Yesterday I decided to make a small raised bed so I could at least grow a few bits of veg. After lifting various heavy bags of compost, my back started to hurt. Now, today, my entire left leg is giving me gip. So much so that I’m not going to make it to Leeds Writers tonight. I could get a taxi from the station but the leg is hurting so much , I wouldn’t have a god time once I was there. I just hope people don’t think I’m sulking because I didn’t’ get to read my work out last time.
I spent much of yesterday at a barbeque.  Luckily the weather behaved itself.  I’m not  a BBQ fan. Most of the time, you wait hours for food then when it arrives, it’s either burnt or raw. Not so this time. The man in charge of the food knows what he’s doing which makes all the difference. I don’t think I was the life and soul of the party. I was in too much discomfort. When I had to leave to go feed  and walk Pip, I could hardly straighten up.  I’m a very bad patient. I’m getting really rather crabby  at the moment as I have a long list of things I want or need  to do (cut grass, put plants in, move other plants, hang wallpaper, paint walls, get the office sorted etc  etc ) and because I’m falling apart, I can’t do them. Because I don’t feel well, it’s hard to do anything else either. I’ve had a go at starting some stories but both times they’ve come to nothing. I’ll keep what I’ve done so far and have another look at them when I feel up to it. So  now it’s back to resting my leg, again.  Oh well, at least the sun has got his hat on.

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