Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tuesday, Feb 22nd. TWO SALES!

Strange day so far. Started with two sales to Fiction Feast which is great, then mum started calling, over and over and over again. Always the same thing. Can she come and stay? I say yes, and we go through it all, how to get here, and so on, then five minutes later, she calls again -  doesn’t remember even having called.
Rocky, the Labrador, probably thinks I’m mad, sitting in teh hall, saying the same thing over and over. I bet he’ll be glad when he goes home. 
Meanwhile, Mike, who lives a few doors down is taking a chainsaw to fifty feet of hawthorn hedge for me so that I can replace it with something less lethal. If I had a pound for every thorn I’ve extracted from my feet, hands, shoes etc I could go on a round the world cruise, twice.
On the writing front, I’ve just agreed to run a short workshop at the NAWG Festival in September where I’ll be looking at Take A Break and Fiction Feast and how to improve your chances of selling to them. If you’re going, and would like me to look at a story intended for that market, why not bring it along?

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