Monday, 21 February 2011

The problem with Mum

Mum called last night. She’s been quiet for a few days now but yesterday it was back to normal. Asking if she could come and stay with me in Leeds. I always say yes but I know it will never happen. Five minutes after talking about it, she’s completely forgotten every single word. Even if she did manage to get as far as the station, she wouldn’t know where she was going. If I went down to Devon to bring her back here, she’d have forgotten I was coming.  Added to that, I can’t face her carer. He hates me and won’t even speak to me. If I turned up, he’d probably walk out. That’s one of my problems; I can’t stand confrontations. They make me physically ill.
It’s an impossible situation. My biggest fear is that if anything happened to either of them, would anyone let me know? 
The postman has just brought me a huge pile of rejections from Take a Break. Happy Mondays, eh???  Rocky  is alseep so I can't even get a hug.

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