Monday, 29 July 2013

More sale to The People's Friend

I am so hungry right now.
I put on weight recently thanks to having no kitchen which meant dining out and ready meals. Being depressed also increases my intake of ice cream.  I wanted to get back to a weight I feel comfortable with in time for Swanwick so I’ve been using the 5 2 diet where you only eat 500 calories two days a week, and whatever you like on the other days. It’s not for everyone, but for me, it works. I KNOW that after a week of the diet I will have lost a pound or two. It puts me in control.
This morning I skipped breakfast for two reasons – the diet, and my six month dentist check up. I’ve had a morbid fear/terror/aversion to dentists for years and I dread going. It’s easier now than it was, but I still get into a state. I was meant to go in June but simply couldn’t face it. Happily I have another all clear so can forget about teeth for another six months.
I’m doing a short course at Swanwick in just under two weeks, looking at writing for women’s magazines. One session is focussing on The People’s Friend to whom I’ve been selling lots of stories recently. Today I sold two more, PLUS the fiction editor has given me some tips to pass on to people (I’ll  be putting them on here after Swanwick!). Those sales, plus having been in the magazine for four weeks running, have given me a real boost. You know what they say, those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Well I can AND I teach.
It’s been a funny week in many ways. Flash floods filled both my water butts in no time flat. I saw a wonderful red site, soaring overhead, riding the thermals, then a perfect specimen of a peacock butterfly. Right now the rain’s pouring down again, and I can hear thunder, so might be as well to sign off.
Tonight, last manuscript evening for this session at Leeds Writers Circle. 7.30 start. Carriageworks, Millennium Square.
Now I really do need to eat something…


  1. Really pleased for you about the sales, Linda. I had two this week to PF as well - it does make you feel good, doesn't it.

  2. I can and do. There are lots of us about!!

  3. Well done! For the sales, and for going to the dentist. Takes courage. And you did it!