Thursday, 29 August 2013

NAWG Festival of Writing

but will still get a chance to attend another couple of workshops run by other people. It’s so hard to know what to take. John’s giving me a lift down, then  continuing to Exeter to see his family so I will be getting the train back. That means I can’t throw everything into the case as I need to be able to lift it.
Today’s been a bit frustrating. I wanted to get on with a couple of stories, but ended up doing other things, like going back to Cartridge world because the cartridge they sold me was broken then having to deal with a Writers Bureau bag (I only have 48 hours to turn them round). Luckily there were only two pieces of work inside but it was still distracting. No crossword class of course.
I find packing hard. I need to be comfortable when I’m teaching which means having to try everything on, to make sure, plus I need a decent frock for Saturday as it’s the big Gala Dinner and we’ve been told to dress up.  
I come home on Monday, have a couple of hours there, then have to go to Leeds Writers, the first meeting of the new session. Then Tuesday I’ll have to spend on Writers Bureau work, Wednesday is Jack’s funeral, then on Thursday I’m going to Newark for the results evening of the competition I’ve been judging. It looks as though those stories are going to have to wait a little while longer.
On the filler front (I don’t do many these days), I have one in Amateur gardening this week under my maiden name of Gaunt. A very easy way to earn a £10 garden token!

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